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If you've already read the section on Design Services, you now have a better understanding of the substantial upfront planning that goes in to each project during the Concept phase.  Here, we'll dive in to some of the other aspects of the project life cycle in greater detail.  The process divided in to the 5 C's (from Concept through Completion) will be explained in greater detail in the pages to follow.

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The Concept project phase consists largely of plan and specification development in conjunction with pricing to work with the client's budget to arrive at Contract.

Plans + Amenity Package

Bay Lakes Builders takes great care to work closely with each customer to provide a responsive home design, scope of work, and amenity package thoughtfully tailored for each unique home site, lifestyle, and budget.  While many of our construction features may be the same from one home to the next, the reality is that no two clients have the exact same needs.  As a result, Bay Lakes looks closely at each project on its individual merits and works tirelessly to prepare comprehensive plans and specifications upfront so that surprises during the actual Construction phase can be reduced or eliminated altogether.  If you have not yet already done so, please visit the Design Services section for in-depth details on this part of the process - the first step in the Concept phase.

Pricing + Specifications

Once the building plans and amenity package have been substantially defined, there is enough information to begin the pricing process.  Bay Lakes goal is to ensure the highest degree of accuracy to eliminate any element of surprise during construction while simultaneously working to value-engineer the plan and amenity package to provide the greatest “bang for the buck”.

Here are some of the measures Bay Lakes takes to ensure you’re getting the lowest & most accurate pricing:

  • In-person visit to the building site for site analysis
  • Coordination with specialists as may be needed for soil testing, surveying, and site improvements
  • Preparation of site plan for accurate pricing with site improvements, exterior concrete, and storm water planning
  • Preparation of electrical/lighting plan to ensure ample allowance for light fixtures and other electrical features
  • Solicitation of proposals from dozens of trade partners using written scopes of work to ensure competitive pricing
  • Volume-pricing and trade discounts negotiated with preferred vendors
  • Extensive evaluation of required building material quantities for optimal accuracy
  • Experienced team able to foresee potential problems before they occur
  • Highly-detailed written specifications to eliminate inconsistencies or ambiguities
  • Itemization of alternate pricing options in many areas to help you evaluate how best to allocate your money

As you can see, there is a lot of careful thought and effort that goes in to your new home before Bay Lakes even begins pricing it.  Once you have settled on a plan and amenity package with Paul, he then turns the information over to Ryan Soletski to prepare pricing.  Ryan works closely with Bay Lakes’ trade partners to obtain current pricing and evaluates the proposals submitted to ensure accuracy and optimum pricing.

Once received by Ryan, he then audits the proposals for accuracy, enters the pricing in to a custom software program, and writes the Specifications document.  All told, the process usually takes 3-4 weeks to complete from the time your project reaches the top of Ryan's pricing queue.  More complex homes, challenging sites, or busier times of year may extend this timeline. Once complete, Paul will schedule a time to present the Specifications and pricing.

After this presentation and review of the various alternate pricing options, some revisions for the plan and/or amenity package will be requested. Depending on the amount and complexity of revisions requested, that process may take days to weeks to complete before a final contract price can be determined.  Keep reading with the "next page" button below to learn more about the remaining steps in the pre-construction process during the Contract phase.

Concept  >  Contract  Coordination  >  Construction  >  Completion

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