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The work is complete and it's nearly time to move in!  It's the moment we've all been working towards together over the past several months.  There are just a few minor steps remaining to ensure a smooth transition in to the new home...


As a proud participant in the Wisconsin Focus on Energy New Homes program, Bay Lakes Builders is proud to offer testing and certification for each of their qualifying new homes.  As part of the certification process, one inspection is completed after the insulation is complete.  The final inspection is done after the home is substantially complete.  During this final inspection, a blower door test is conducted to create a negative pressurization in the home.  This allows a reading to be taken measuring the building's air tightness.  Air tightness is the leading factor in a home's energy usage (or lack thereof) for heating and cooling.  Besides the blower door test, the third-party energy inspector also tests and verifies the following:

  • All mechanical ventilation equipment (range hood, bath fans, etc.) is tested to ensure proper operation
  • All space heating equipment, water heating equipment, and fireplaces are verified to be in compliance for proper exhaust of combustion vapors to eliminate any possible backdraft effect.
  • Sump basins and plumbing stub-ins are verified to be properly sealed.

Once the final testing is complete, the energy rater completes the certification process and within the coming weeks mails out the test results and certification documents.  You can view the results of some of Bay Lakes recently Focus on Energy certifies homes by clicking the button below.


Once the work is complete, the home can be cleaned.  After cleaning, any remaining touch-ups are more readily apparent and can be discovered during an on-site walkthrough with the client, Bay Lakes construction manager, and the painting contractor.


Bay Lakes's Project Coordinator meets each client on site prior to move-in to review important information about living in the new home, operating the equipment, managing humidity, the process for submitting warranty claims, and other use and care instructions.  Other incidental "punch list" items can be documented and scheduled for completion at this time.


A final occupancy inspection is scheduled with the local inspector and an occupancy permit is now issued.  Finally, the new home is move-in ready!


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