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While the Coordination stage is ongoing simultaneous to the Construction stage, it begins in earnest shortly after Contract upon final approval of the house plans for construction.  How quickly material selections must be made is influenced by ordering lead times for delivery relative to when they will need to be installed.  The categories and timelines that follow are more specific to new home construction.  Room additions, garages, and interior remodeling projects may have fewer of these categories and different timelines.

Windows + Entry Doors

Selections Due:  Week 1 After Final Plans

Because lead times from the manufacturer are typically from 3-5 weeks and the windows and entry doors get installed near the conclusion of the rough framing stage, these are some of the first choices Bay Lake's customers will need to make.  While the window and door schedule is typically defined prior to arriving at Contract, the exterior or interior colors of the windows and door frames may still be under contemplation.  Other details to firm up prior to submitting these orders may include entry door glass styles, overhead garage door glass and panel styles, and hardware styles and finishes.  Entry door paint or stain colors can be decided much later as these coatings are not typically applied until near the end of construction.  Another reason window colors should be selected before other exterior materials is there are usually fewer available colors to choose from whereas roofing, siding, and masonry provide a wider array of choices.


Selections Due:  Weeks 1-2 After Final Plans

While plumbing fixtures such as toilets, faucets, and towel bars don't get physically installed until the final stages of construction, it will be important for the plumbing contractor to have the valves, modules, and fixture specifications on hand at the conclusion of the rough framing stage for the rough plumbing work.  As such, a showroom visit should be scheduled to make plumbing fixture selections within the first 2 weeks after Contract.  The plumbing contractor will typically reach out prior to their rough-in date to firm up details with Bay Lakes' customers for locating hose bibbs, shower heads, and floor drains as well as reviewing the equipment specified and other plumbing features in the project.  Colors for sinks and toilets and finishes for faucets will also be selected at this time.

Fireplace + Masonry

Selections Due:  Weeks 1-2 After Final Plans

Because of the popularity of masonry products such as brick and stone used for fireplace surrounds (in addition to being an exterior cladding material), many local vendors feature both fireplace inserts and masonry products in their showrooms.  That being the case, both of these selections can often be made at the same time.  Mortar colors, hearth materials, address stones, and other masonry details can be confirmed at this time in concert with the the design of the fireplace surround (when applicable).  With the fireplace being the focal point of many living areas, there is also greater care and consideration that goes in to the design of the surrounding materials.  Due to the combustible nature of certain building materials such as wood mantles and flooring, there are certain clearances that need to be maintained to maintain a compliant design.  Wood-burning fireplaces, when compared to gas units, typically have more restrictive design and clearance parameters.  Bay Lakes is experienced in preparing detailed fireplace surround drawings, researching fireplace specs and clearances, and helping lead customers to the appropriate sizes and types of surround and hearth materials.  While the exterior masonry won't begin to be installed until after the rough-in stage of construction, the rough-framing of the home must be sized to accommodate the fireplace selection which is why it needs to be selected so early in the process.

Finish Trim + Interior Doors

Selections Due:  Weeks 2-4 After Final Plans

The stair rail design, interior door schedule, and types of moldings and millwork specified are commonly decided upon prior to Contract.  However, due to lengthy lead times for delivery and pre-finishing for these materials, a review of the selections will occur prior to ordering to ensure all milling details are being accurately conveyed.


Selections Due:  Weeks 2-4 After Final Plans

While the kitchen and laundry appliances don't need to be delivered and physically installed until much later in the construction process, there is still plenty of planning to accommodate them in the early stages.  In particular, gas lines and electrical wiring completed during the rough-in stage (at the conclusion of rough framing) will need to be installed.  The cabinet and countertop design must also accommodate the types and sizes of appliances desired.


Selections Due:  Weeks 2-4 After Final Plans

Much of the cabinetry design and specifications will be determined prior to Contract.  Still, many other features for customization with respect to the paint or stain color and hardware selection will be finalized during an in-person showroom visit with the cabinet designer.  At the conclusion of the showroom visit, the cabinet designer usually has enough information to complete a set of cabinet shop drawings for approval and production.  Once the drawings are approved, the cabinets are then marked on site at the conclusion of rough framing stage prior to rough-in so the various trades to follow (including plumbing, HVAC, and electrical wiring) have the appropriate direction to complete their work as it relates to the cabinetry and appliances.

Solid Surface Countertops

Selections Due:  Weeks 2-4 After Final Plans

With the cabinet design complete and a paint or stain color selected, focus can then shift to the countertop selection.  Solid surface countertops (such as granite, marble, quartz, acrylic, etc.) are recommended to be chosen prior to picking out flooring due to a more limited range of choices.  Remnants (leftover pieces from whole slabs) can often provide an economical choice for bathroom vanities 72" and under.  Choices for remnants will be contingent upon what is present at the yard at a given time.  Undermount sinks and natural stone or quartz used in other applications (such as a fireplace surround or tub deck) can also be selected at this time.

Tile + Flooring

Selections Due:  Weeks 2-4 After Final Plans

Samples of the cabinet finish (paint or stain) and samples of the solid surface countertops will be useful for the next round of interior selections - the home's tile and flooring.  Bay Lakes is proud to partner with some of the area's best designers and showrooms to offer abundant choices for any budget.  Tile (such as ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone) may be specified for much more than just flooring.  Showers, tubs, fireplaces, and backsplashes will also prominently feature tile work.  Selections for pre-finished wood flooring, vinyl flooring, and carpeting can be made during this showroom visit, too.  At this stage, Bay Lakes and the showroom designer will also work on preparing any drawings needed to properly illustrate the tile or flooring layouts.  The flooring choices will also have impact on other areas of construction such as framing for the the stairs and how the cabinets get built depending on the flooring thickness and whether it is a floating installation or permanently affixed.

Wall + Ceiling Paint Colors

Selections Due:  Weeks 3-5 After Final Plans

Given the vast amount of paint color choices, choosing colors for the walls and ceilings will be one of the last selections to be made for the interior.  The large selection of color choices makes this by far the most adaptable color selection to work with the preceding material and color choices made up to this point.   With the paint color selections complete, Bay Lakes will now prepare a room-by-room schedule of finishes to summarize all of the interior colors selections.

Light Fixtures + Ceiling Fans

Selections Due:  Weeks 3-5 After Final Plans

While it's not necessarily a requirement to have lighting purchased prior to the on-site walkthrough with the electrical wiring contractor, it is recommended to at least have a strategy by then differentiating which areas will have recessed or disk type lighting as opposed to decorative wall or ceiling mounted fixtures.  Recessed or disk lighting, under-cabinet lighting, step lights, and any other kind of hard-wired lighting will commonly be furnished and installed by the electrical wiring contractor.  Ceiling fans, wall sconces, flood lights, coach lights, and ceiling-mounted decorative fixtures can be purchased at one of Bay Lakes' preferred lighting vendors or sourced via online vendor or big box retailer.  Bay Lakes' preferred lighting vendors will also have a lighting consultant on staff to provide expert full-service guidance on these selections.  Lighting can be installed just after the walls and ceilings are painted, so it is prudent to ensurethat,  by the time the home is being plastered, all of the light fixtures and ceiling fans are available for delivery.

Glass + Mirrors

Selections Due:  Weeks 4-6 After Final Plans

Selections for glass shower enclosures and mirrors are some of the last that are made with being some of the last interior finishes to be installed in the home.  In the event of tiled shower surrounds, a field measurement is taken after the tile work is complete to ensure the glass shower door/enclosure is sized perfectly to the opening.  Mirror sizes are also field measured once the bathroom vanity cabinets and linens are installed.  In many cases, a showroom visit is not required for these selections as manufacturer websites and photographs provide sufficient detail to make an informed decision.  When seeing examples of these products is desired, though, a showroom visit can be coordinated and will be offered by Bay Lakes early in the process so as to be fit in when convenient for their customers.

Entry Door Paint or Stain Colors

Selections Due:  After Exterior Finishes are Installed

While the entry door models and frames are some of the first items that need to be selected and ordered, the actual finish of the doors themselves are the last selection details that need to be decided.  Painting the door slabs any sooner than is necessary prior to the end of construction only increases the potential for scratching a fresh coat of paint with contractors hauling materials in and out of the home.  Thus, it is typically near the final week(s) of construction during which the doors will be finished.  The selections can be finalized any time before the doors need to be painted and after the adjacent exterior masonry and siding installations are complete.  Once the brick, stone, or siding is installed next the front door, it can be easier for many customers to visualize their desired door paint or stain color in person as opposed to selecting from sample boards in variable lighting conditions that may need truly represent the lighting in the actual application.

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