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Feature: The pride of the Bay Lakes arsenal, our cellulose insulation system from Frank’s Energy Savers provides R-22 insulation with 4 mil. moisture barrier in 6” sidewalls and R-14 insulation with 4 mil. moisture barrier in 4” sidewalls. Ceilings include R-44 blown cellulose with 4 mil. moisture barrier and box sills also include an R-20 insulation value.

Before Cellulose Insulation After Cellulose Insulation

Benefit: Cellulose insulation improves indoor health, air quality and safety. This Energy Star compliant insulation creates greater comfort and consistent temperature. The spray-on application process improves house resistance to roaches, ants, termites and mildew. It also adds phenomenal sound proofing qualities to bedrooms, baths and utility rooms. Blown-in insulation has a Class 1 commercial fire-stopping quality resulting in reduced insurance premiums while the energy efficiency of cellulose saves up to 50% on heating and cooling bills. Cellulose insulation raises the appraisal on your home by 7%, as an automatically efficient property. Frank’s products and services carry a performance heating and cooling guarantee, combined with a lifetime product warranty. Cellulose insulation carries an extensive Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification. Cellulose insulation specifications match or exceed National Building Codes.

Feature: Blown cellulose in box sills with R-20 insulation value.
Benefit: Insulation of the rim joists and box sill area (where the floor joists meet the foundation wall) is very important for elimination of moisture build-up and heat loss. Rim joists account for about 10% of the wall area and are the biggest air leakage sites in most walls. Moisture problems in a basement can often lead to mold and mildew build-up and make storage in the basement impractical.

Insulated box sills help to reduce condensation, resulting in a drier basement with fewer moisture-based problems. Using R-20 blown cellulose insulation in concert with proper sill sealing can significantly reduce both moisture build-up and heat loss.

Feature: Proper insulating techniques and attention to detail.
Benefit: In picture #1, foam insulation and a bead of latex caulk are applied around windows and doors to further reduce air infiltration. Insualating foam is also used around electrical boxes and wire holes as seen in picture #2. Latex caulk, in picture #3, is applied between double studs and plates to stop air infiltration. Picture #4 shows a plumbing detail where cellulose application will eliminate sound from water pipes. Picture #5 gives an example of cellulose insulation’s density, which in turn provides excellent soundproofing qualities.

1) Door Detail 2) Wall Detail 3) Stud Detail 4) Plumbing Detail 5) Density Example



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